Something to Celebrate
Published July 8, 2013

A wise man once wrote in the book of Ecclesiastes 2:10b, “I withheld not my heart from any joy; for my heart rejoiced in all my labor.” These words have a festive, optimistic ring as we are into another new year. The twenty first century has already opened up many new opportunities. Some may be motorsports opportunities, but most will be opportunities of a greater scope. For the coming year, I challenge you to bring your imagination to every daily task and turn it into an adventure of celebrating every day.
Imagine only the best things about each and every situation. Look for a fresh new outlook in your busy life. Develop new techniques to make every day a heavenly celebration. Imagine only the best about every person you know. Don’t let a day go by without thinking good thoughts. Say something good about someone every day. Be grateful every time you receive a blessing, and acknowledge every blessing from God.